About us

DINAMO10 is a space where work and art converge to inspire all those who daily share it, or those who visit it from time to time.
It is an open-space based on the concept of “collaboration”, which makes the daily routine of its residents more agreeable, motivates them to share their knowledge and ideas, and enhances networking locally.

In the surroundings of DINAMO10 there is a lively and active community that creates a “continuous chain” that stimulates those amongst it.

D10 is always opento new proposals! We want to know more about those who like to share their knowledge, or share a project or an idea with the local community. We believe that the best ideas develop from collective interaction and not from isolated people closed between four walls. 

DINAMO10 has a gallery that has been showing the work of several national and international artists, also contributing to the disclosure of contemporary art in the city of Viana do Castelo. The wall measures 9,00 x 2,50m and it outspreads to the patio where audio-visual productions, art installations, and experimental work have been taking place.
The exhibitions at DINAMO10 include INAUGURO, that is, a simultaneous presentation of artistic projects in several different locations in Viana do Castelo.

Our DINAMITE SESSIONS and WORKSHOPS with renowned professionals are about the most diverse topics, such as: Coaching, E-commerce, Networking, Current Affairs, Personal Productivity, New Business Models, Body Posture while Working, Creative Commons, Accounting, Copyright, and so on.

Do you feel our strength? Are you interested in organizing and event for D10?

You can follow our agenda by subscribing our NEWSLETTER, contact us, and also host an event.

We are open from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on weekends if there is an event.

Ring the bell at our door! Have a coffee with us! Interaction and sharing are the basis of creativity and success!