Barbara Stacher


Barbara is from Vienna/Austria and has been working for over 20 years in different areas, mainly in relations with Mediterranean countries, Latin in America and Russia, both in Brussels and abroad.
Currently, Barbara works at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture (DGEAC), in the Cultural Policy Unit. Her field of work is cultural policy making, in particular the crossroads of cultural and creative sectors/industries/spaces and how to contribute in terms of city and regional development, social inclusion, job creation, participation, linking up creative sectors and policy-makers, creativehubs and cultural and creative spaces. She also works on cultural and creative industies, innovation and finance concerning policies as well as projects.
Basbara has been part of the process of establishing the European Creative Hubs Network and support measures since 2014 and is working to ensure the links to policy-makig.
  • Profissão: Coordenadora Projectos da Comissão Europeia para as Políticas Culturais.
  • Atividades: Viana Abordo - Checking Out
  • Categoria: Viana Abordo